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Get the Right Voice from a Professional Female Voice Talent with Vibe

"Vibe" may be described as producing an emotional response. MoVibe.com specializes in recording and producing audio that is emotionally compelling.

After all, you have a vision for your project, an emotional response you're hoping to elicit that will compel the listener to take action: buy the dress, sample the cracker, donate the dollars, visit the website, vote yes, vote no.

When your message is heard - you want the listener to FEEL.

My unique approach to script preparation with a focus on the psychological aspects of the speaker and listener evoke the appropriate emotion with winning results. Experience my work for yourself by listening to my voice over demos now.

Be confident your project is in loving and experienced hands.

It’s been estimated I’ve spent close to 33,000 hours in performance mode (and that’s only the paid performances…there have been many non-paid performances, too, including but not limited to interactions with professors, nuns, lawyers, the IRS and ex’s.)

My entire adult life has been spent at the microphone interpreting, acting, creating, engaging, and learning. Continuous education is what makes me a successful voice actor and coach. Ours is a battle of general vs. specific. I work tirelessly on the specifics to get the results you want. I also bring this philosophy along with a sarcastic tongue into my personal life as a mom, wife, daughter, friend, and global citizen.

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