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Is Radio Rehab Right For You?


The first step to solving any problem....is admitting you have a problem.
Do you?

Introducing Radio Rehab from MoVibe.com Voiceovers!


Hi There!

Are you looking for some loving guidance to transition from Radio into Voiceover?  You have a lot of things going for you already with experience and air time - but there are also some real challenges.

You may know I've been splashing in the radio and voiceover waters for 27 years. While I've been coaching talent and producing demos (along with my own voice work) for the past 6 years - something new has been created because of a real need. Radio Rehab has been very helpful to former radio presenters transitioning into voiceover and also for teachers, presenters and sales professionals also stuck in their performance rut. 

My very first client was one of America's most trusted news presenters, Jim Hickey (formerly of ABC Radio/TV). He and I have worked closely to combat his Red Light Reflex and now he's retired from ABC and is narrating audio books and working daily at his own mic!

Here is a link to a tongue in cheek promo for Radio Rehab:

Here is Jim Hickey in a short narration:

Here is Jim Hickey with his testimonial for me:

It would be a complete pleasure (and fun time) to work with you on some of the issues that former radio jocks and presenters have with auto responses, censorship and to help identify your specific Red Light Reflex and offer ways to be more confident and calm at the mic.

Ask yourself these questions:
1) Do I brace myself physically and mentally before a recording session?
2) Do I have an adaptable methodology when preparing a script?
3) Am I honest and intimate about script preparation?
4) Is it easy for me to get lost or distracted by the details of an assignment?
5) Am I pleased when I listen back to my auditions and gigs?
6) Is there an inner voice that conflicts with what my instincts tell me to do?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of these questions, please keep reading.

We have the answers to all our questions inside ourselves - our instincts always know best and always know what is correct. However, after years or even decades of performing a particular way and under a particular direction, we develop crutches, shortcuts and escapes that we need to dig deep to uncover, identify and work through. 

Radio Rehab Stage 1 - Identify and Detox
In this stage we will work on owning the silence and resisting resistance. Challenging and specific audio assignments over a 2-3 session period will help you identify and detox your unique Red Light Reflex


Radio Rehab Stage 2 - Replace and Renew Responses
Intense self awareness and new self direction techniques help you to confront your cold front and therefore warm your form. Audio assignments over a 2 session period outside of your comfort zone and signature sound allow for risk taking and help to define and refine strengths and challenges.


Radio Rehab Stage 3 - Lucid Living - Any Mic - Any Time!
After intense work, this final 2 session stage of Radio Rehab allows you to cement in new good habits allowing for autonomy in all performances. Conquering affection over affliction, you now have the inner knowledge to achieve outward results! And, you'll leave Radio Rehab with a brand new audio track to showcase your progress and presence!

Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.

Have questions? I'm here to help!


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