Why work with me?
I’ve been making my living exclusively at the microphone in major markets for 27 years primarily doing voiceover and radio. I’ve also taken the stage in and around Boston doing stand up comedy, plays and hosting world class events.

With gratitude I’m proud to say I’ve worked shoulder to shoulder with some of the most impressive talent from a wide performance circle like Tom Bergeron (Host of Dancing With The Stars), Tom Todoroff (Actor/Director/Producer – Coach to luminaries such as Liam Neeson, Lolita Davidovich and Harrison Ford), Dr. Claudia Pacheco (She has spent more than twenty-five years conducting research in the field of PsychoSociopathology and Psychosomatic medicine), Fabienne Frederickson (Millionaire Entrepreneur and Contributor to Forbes Magazine), Pat Fraley (He is among the top ten performers of all time for being cast in TV Animation) and many, many others.

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