It’s a pleasure to work with Moneen. She’s a warm and caring person, a great performer and director.  Any actor will readily appreciate her genuine desire to help improve upon both fundamentals and nuances of the process.

Mo offers a concise and specific approach to effectively find ones’ emotional connection and truth in the material at hand.

Mike Shepherd

Mike Shepherd Voiceover

There has not been a time since, that I entered the booth without ‘channeling’ Moneen. Her myriad physical and mental exercises top my prep regimen. When I’m reviewing a script, I recall the thorough and insightful ways she discovered the heart of the text. And I remember how she always encouraged me to find “my voice.”

I highly recommend Moneen as a coach and producer (and a genuinely nice human being,) who is committed to bringing out the best in the actors she coaches, both in process and in product!

Dalia Bach

Dalia Bach - Voice Talent

Working with Moneen has not only been an educational experience, it’s been a blast!  Her warm, nurturing demeanor creates a safe environment for you to learn and grow as a voice artist as she guides and inspires you onto greater heights.  I’d already taken some group voice over classes but having her one- on-one direction made all the difference in my approach and mindset.

And I absolutely love my demos  – they reflect exactly who I am and what I want to do with my voice.

Vicki Liston

Vicki Liston Voice Talent

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